About KinderPaw

Best Friends

Hello, my name is Alexander, creator of KinderPaw and personal walker. I am a dog owner and animal lover. Working with different breeds and personalities for the past ten years has equipped me with the skills needed to care for dogs of all sets. I am currently a state of Florida Licensed EMT/firefighter and am proficient with animal CPR and any safety concerns. KinderPaw is a platform to create the kindest version of your pet by engaging them in daily walks, playtime and adding versatility to their day. Our team of outstanding walkers either have pets themselves or already provide daily pet care to our network of paw clientele.


Please don't hesitate to contact KinderPaw. Your dog will thank you! Walkers plan to take your dog to nearby fields, dog parks, and anywhere and everywhere your dog will love. We will work with you to provide outstanding care.